Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is Kem Cho!

Just occurred to me that if anyone were to read my blog (not counting my family), they might not know what Kem Cho! means....Well "kem cho" is a Gujarati phrase that means "How are you?"
Now what language is Gujarati you ask? Its one of the many official languages of India and happens to be my mother tounge.

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Unknown said...

"Kem cho"
Gujarati is definitely a very sweet language.Well good to see people from abroad talking about Indian languages.Though its very common to talk abt such things in india its less common abroad.We have a forum called AlwaysIndian.com at http://alwaysindian.com and would definitely like a "Kem Cho" guy from US giving his opinions about Life in US,What US people think about Indians...